Tour by bicycle

Tour By Bicycle Without Guide : 

This tour is totally in the middle of the vines, no dangerous at all.

This tour is for groups from 6 to 12 people, the Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

With a road book, you will discover different landscapes and pretty villages like Cramant, Cuis, Grauves...

The Tour :

It departs in our village "Mancy", approximately 7 km south from "Epernay".

From "Mancy" to "Cramant": The route we propose uses only the vines pathes with no hard climbing slopes.

From "Cramant" to "Mancy": The same kind of roads but half of them are dirt tracks (you can use vines pathes when you come back).

Hiring bicycles :

For now, we are obliged to interrupt the rental bikes.

​Thank you for your understanding.

Conditions :

Departure : in our village "Mancy", approximately 7km from Epernay

From Mancy to Cramant or from Cramant to Mancy, it's only in the middle of the vines.

Renting : The bikes renting is in Mancy

Necessary to make and appointment either by email or by phone : please ask for Nathalie : 0033 6 30 35 51 07   
(day)  or 0033 3 26 59 45 85 (evenings after 7.00pm).

If you prefer, you can do the tour by foot (approximately 6 hours).